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Punjab Times, is a leading Punjabi newspaper in North America published every Saturday by A B Publications Inc. Punjab Times has three editions. The California edition covers the West Coast. We are top ranking newspaper in California both in terms of sustained circulation and unwavering reader loyalty. The Midwest edition covers IL, MI, WI, IN, IA, CO, MS, VA, OH, TX, GA and various other states. The New York or East Coast edition covers NY, NJ, PA, MD and various other eastern states.
We do not have any affiliation with any political or social organization. We believe in fair, objective, unbiased journalism. Our approach is to provide equal opportunity to all ideologies and let the reader formulate their own opinions and are committed to responsible journalism.

Punjab Times was established in year 2000 and is now in its 13th year of publication. Its circulation has increased every year of its existence and now has the largest readership of any Punjabi Newspaper through print and email circulation. At present we have a combined circulation of 20,000 copies. In addition to the print edition, Punjab Times reaches several thousands of readers through its website and email subscriptions.

Our main readers are the Indian Americans of Punjabi ancestry who were born and brought up in India and later migrated to the US and still have very strong links with the country of their birth.

For the advertiser, reaching the Punjabi American community in the United States would get the maximum impact for each advertising dollar spent. The community is most affluent amongst Indian Americans. Many of them are successful businessmen and professionals, have good disposable income, love good life and are therefore, avid consumers of goods and services.
Most of the readers of Punjab Times have at least one university degree, watch Punjabi films and television shows and travel frequently to India.

Punjab Times caters to the reader’s hunger for news from Punjab in India as well as of the Punjabi community around the world. We have reporters covering major Punjabi events in the US.
The driving force behind Punjab Times is its editor Amolak Singh who has more than 34 years of experience in both Punjabi and English journalism. He has stellar academic credentials, with an MA, M Phil (Punjabi), and post graduate degrees in law and mass communication.

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  1. I am regular reader of Punjab Times and very impressed by the quality of its contents. I consider this news paper as a big resource on Sikh history and Punjabi culture. Today I was searching history of about Kamaghatamaru and Gadari Babe, since a series of articles had published in it some time ago.
    Would request the Editor, if he could help me in searching these articles.

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